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Surtax Eyed for Housing, Parks, Preservation

Local officials back camapigns by advocates to adopt the Community Prevation Act in Boston. If approved by voters, there would be a one percent surtax for property owners to raise money for housing, parks and open space, and preservation projects. See report and interview with the president of the Mass. Association of CDCs, Joe Kriesberg.

Council Considers New Tenant Protections

evictionThe Boston City Council considers new protections for tenants faced with displacement from Boston's hot housing market. Tenant advocates want to have the city adopt a just cause eviction ordinance. After dropping a provision for mediation with property owners, advocates are trying to make evictions--even for non-payment of higher rent--subject to just cause, with more steps to make sure tenants know their legal rights. But property owners say the measure would come too close to reimposing rent control and have a chilling effect on new housing production. See report on March 14 City Council hearing, and interview with tenant advocates from the Chinese Progressive Association and Right to the City, and a segment with the executive director of the Small Property Owners Association, Skip Schloming.

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The Ins and Outs of South Boston Parades

Saint Patrick's Day/Evacuation Day celebrations in South Boston have their ins and outs, in more than one sense of the word. This year, some of the "outs" (e.g., OutVets) were in, as was Boston Pride. To be sure, more elected officials were in who stayed out in recent years. Plenty of veterans were in, as well, but the Smedley Butler Brigade was out (if still a presence), after disagreement over the terms for getting in the march. See photos of the 2016 parade and photos of earlier parades, between the mid-1980's and 2014.


Police Camera Trial Prompts Questions

camerasAt a series of communit meetings led by City Councilors, Boston residents air questions and concerns about the design of a pilot program for body cameras to be worn by the Boston Police. See report.

BINJ Report Examines Gap in Boston Liquor Licensing

The Boston Institute for Nonprofit Hournalism (BINJ) begins a series examing how the rationing of liquor licenses in Boston enourages high-volume establishments near downtown while leaving smaller businesses in outlying neighborhoods, especially restaurants, high and dry. See interview with BINJ Staff Reporter Haley Hamilton and Director of Editorial Chris Faraone.

Boston Voters Explain Choices for President

primaryA sampling of voters in South Boston and Roxbury turns up a wide range of preferences in the Massachusetts presidential primary. See Report. And see segment on the local primary results with political strategist Joyce Ferriabough Bolling.

A Street Doctor's Story of Homelessness and Healing

coverDr. James O'Connell, President of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, talks about his book on homelessness and healing, Stories from the Shadows. See interview.

Charter School Expansion Faces New Legal Challenge

Matthew Cregor of Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, and Juan Cofield of the New England Area Conference of the NAACP, discuss the attempt to intervene in a lawsuit that calls for abolishing the cap on expansion of charter schools in Massachusetts. See interview.